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Welcome to my newsletter!  My intention is to provide to you information that will be helfpful in finding the right property to buy or just how to go about selling your property.

While buying and selling property are different, both are strangely the same! Each requires you to know your market. When you are buying you need to be aware of the type of property you may be looking for. A home in town or a vacant lot to build on? A fixer upper or a home ready to move into? How many bedrooms, bathrooms? Do you require a shop or garage? These are some of the questions you will need to consider. For property out of town do you want to buy a developed acreage? The term developed generally means a property that has a home, barn, cleared land and is in current use. Maybe a raw acreage? Raw acreage generally refers to an acreage that has no or almost no improvements. There may be no electricity to the property line and access may be a walking trail!

Each property is special and unique. Views, development, access, soil type, water or no existing water and much more. Let's take the view for instance. Some homes have a view but it may not be a 360 degree view. Maybe if the property is in town, the view may be limited to one mountain. On the other hand, if you are looking at property out of town it is pretty common to have views of the surrounding mountains!

Development can also vary greatly. Is the house new or fairly new? Are the windows efficient and double glazed? When was the roof last replaced? Carpet and general flooring can be a factor. Each item can be a benefit or, well, a deficit.

So many questions! To add to the picture one needs to consider how much money is needed. If you are buying, what amount of down payment will be needed?  How will the banks view the property you are buying? Is it one they may consider high risk? If you are selling, will the money you recieve be enough to clear the mortgage and will it be adequate to allow you to move on in life?

The questions I have raised are just a few that come up each time you buy or sell. There are many other questions that require answers. As a buyer or a seller you are not expected to know all the questions or even know all the answers. Quite frankly, that is one of the key reasons to use a realtor. I have been in the real estate business for many years. Over the years I have attended numerous continuous education classes to stay current with the ever-changing real estate laws. Part of my job is to ask you questions to assist you in focusing on the task at hand. You are not expected to be current in real estate law. That is my job. It is also my job to be knowledgeable on property values; and be aware of what has sold, what is on the market and for how long.

When I am hired, yes I said hired!, to assist you, be it selling or buying, you have just hired yourself a real estate broker who knows the real estate business! I listen to you, gather information and then make suggestions. My job is to be sure you know what steps will be happening in the transaction.

So, want to be informed? Make the best deal for yourself? Use an experienced, honest real estate agent? Then give me a call! It's free and just a telephone call away. 

Have the best of days!



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